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The Resource Center is your go-to spot for NPEA created resources to not only help you be more effective in your job, but to make it easier to connect with others in the NPEA community. Use the links below to explore our various resources.



NPEA Data Counts Indicators Project

NPEA launched its new Data Counts project at the 2015 Annual Conference! View the Overview and Indicators Graphic. 

All NPEA Organizational Members who complete the NPEA Data Counts Data Collection Tool during the fall of 2015 are invited to share their participation in the project on their website and/or materials by sharing the participant logo:

You can download a high-resolution (300ppi) and smaller version (150ppi) of the participant logo here.

Please note: Only those who have completed the NPEA Data Counts Data Collection Tool may download and use this logo.

If you require a different version or file type of this logo, please email Carrie.


Research Briefs

Research Briefs offer summaries of current research literature relevant to the field of access. These 2-3 page briefs provide you a concise, easily readable synthesis of a lengthier article, allowing you to stay abreast of current research.

To view the research briefs, please click here.


Professional Development Calls and Webinars

In addition to our own professional development calls, we strive to stay abreast of webinars and other professional learning opportunities for our members. When available, we post archived copies of these calls and webinars so you can catch up on those you missed, or revisit a past favorite.

To access archived copies of professional development calls and webinars, please click here.


NPEA Newsletter

NPEA's monthly newsletter provide a wealth of valuable information, including important announcements, new research articles, professional development opportunities, job postings, and more. Visit the newsletters page for access to archived copies of all NPEA newsletters.

To access the copies of all NPEA newsletters, please click here.


Conference Audio

Not able to make it to the conference? Beginning with the 3rd annual conference in 2011, recordings of all conference workshops and general sessions are now available to members. Recordings are available as downloadable files so you can listen at your convenience. 

To access the conference audio, please click here.


Member Benefits

NPEA offers an array of membership benefits, ranging from research briefs to SAT preparation services for students. We strive to offer benefits that will help you to be more effective in your work.

For an overview of all NPEA benefits, please click here.